React2Pro pricing

Our professional pricing packages are tailored to your needs. Below we have three examples to demonstrate typical costs.

Example 1 One therapist working with one client at a time

The React2Pro 1-to-1 Licence

Charlotte is an SLT who needed a React2Pro therapist account to enable her to set up access for 1 speech and language therapy client at a time.

Charlotte used React2 online using her own laptop (and sometimes her iPad) to customise exercises and monitor her client’s progress.

Licence cost: £30 / month

Example 2 Speech and language therapy teams

The React2Pro Licence

Jan is a team leader of community-based therapists working with adults with aphasia. Her team on average has a total of 20 patients at any one time.

Each therapist will login React2 online using their own laptops/iPads/Android tablets to set up patients and customise exercise templates for them.

Each patient will use their own online device at home.

Once their React2 course of therapy is complete the client can be archived at any time by their SLT and a new patient added in up to the 20-active client ceiling.

Licence cost: ranging between £500 / year to £2,000 / year with great savings on longer term licences

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Example 3 A health organisation with multiple SLT teams working across a service area

The React2Pro Enterprise Gold Licence

Providing the React2 system to speech and language services for adults and children across an entire service area, with the potential for use through acute hospitals, health centres, community based teams, colleges and schools.

Multiple teams within the organisation have their own admin and therapist logins and can deliver customised therapy to targeted patients. Includes the ability to set up further sub-teams and refer patients between teams maintaining all progress.

The React2 Enterprise Gold Licence benefits from enterprise level economies of scale to deliver great cost /patient values while extending the frequency, intensity, and amount of clinical therapy exercises. With high quality efficiency and consistent clinical outcome measurements for patients, clinicians, and management teams.

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