Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of questions users commonly have. If you can’t find the answer to your question - contact us.

What is React2Pro version?

The React2Pro is an NHS designed online Cloud-based software as a service that gives speech and language therapy (SLT) teams, or individual SLTs, the ability to set up and customise courses of therapy exercises for their clients. SLTs have full control over what the client is working on and can see detailed results. Further therapy can then be customised to best suit the clients’ needs.

What type of exercises are in React2?

React2 has a huge range of 9,079 NHS designed Speech and Language Therapy exercises. These are organised into 5 sections: Auditory Processing, Visual Processing, Semantics, Memory and Sequencing, and Life Skills.

What type of client conditions can I use React2 with?

React2 is professionally designed online speech and language exercise system to work with adults and children with:

  • Aphasia after stroke or brain injury
  • Communication disorders
  • Learning & language difficulties in adults and children
  • Autism
  • Down’s syndrome
  • Dementia

How does the React2Pro version differ from React2Home?

React2Pro allows speech and language therapists (SLTs) to set up their clients with a personalised login, customise sets of online exercises for them, monitor their progress, and adjust the course content as necessary.

React2Home allows clients to take their own private licence, either after being discharged from an SLT’s services or who has not had any formal SLT.

Why would I choose React2 to use with my clients?

  • React2 increases the amount and intensity of customised cognitive therapy for your clients - proven through research+ to provide them the most benefit in a cost effective way.
  • Easy-to-use online system that produces standardised beautiful outcome measurements by client.
    • All available in your admin tool on any device browser.
    • Printable/ exportable to case notes / EHR system.
    • Secure and anonymised.
  • Engages, supports and encourages the user and their family to get involved.
    • Modern user friendly interface designed specifically for people with brain injuries/learning difficulties.
    • Robust.
    • Efficient, more interesting, fun, but still clinical.
    • Instant and consistent feedback - Encouraging messaging, supportive, builds confidence and self-esteem.
  • Frees up your time.
    • Allows you to be more effective focusing on high quality face-to-face assessments and therapy.
    • Cuts down on paperwork, admin and finding/creating paper based exercises.
    • React2 allows clients to practice targeted exercises in their own time.
    • Create and edit personalised exercise plans remotely.
  • A comprehensive and proven system for UK SLTs.
    • Broadest content available, designed by professional NHS clinicians (9,079 exercises).
    • Backed up by clinical research and practice and supported by trusted reputable company (over 70% of all UK SLTs use React2, 60 Trusts have a React2Pro Cloud licence, around 1,400 professional licences in total).
    • Can be used with all ages and a wide range of conditions - from acquired brain injury rehab to learning difficulties.
    • Not tied to one machine. Move between devices as required.

Who created React2 and what are their credentials?

The React2 team worked in collaboration with NHS Borders to develop a comprehensive clinically designed speech and language therapy system over the past 14 years.

Tricia Mitchell, clinical director of React2 with over 40-years NHS based SLT experience, led a team of NHS adult and paediatric therapists to develop the system.

Louise Runciman led the paediatric content development of React2. Debbie Adams led the adult content development. Both Louise and Debbie are actively practising SLTs for NHS Borders.

Dean Turnbull is the managing director of React2 and leads the technical development team. Dean has 30-years experience in digital and product development.

React2 has close collaborative ties with Queen Margaret University and has created new App content with the University planned for release in 2020.

React2 has also collaborated with The University of Edinburgh on an fMRI PhD project led by Anna Jones SLT.

What is the React2 therapy workflow?

  1. Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) clinically assesses their client’s suitability for React2 exercises.
  2. SLT logs into React2Pro and sets up their client with an anonymous username and password.
  3. SLT customises exercise sets for their client and/or allows them to browse other exercises if appropriate.
  4. Client completes exercises either in an SLT clinical session or remotely on their own device.
  5. SLT can monitor each and every client response using the extensive results analysis tools.
  6. SLT can login and adjust exercises for the client as required.

How does React2 enhance my existing therapy practices and tools?

React2Pro frees up your time to focus on quality face-to-face assessment and therapy time with your clients. Between formal therapy sessions React2Pro provide the frequent, intensive and length of speech and language therapy exercises that is clinically proven to improve clients’ understanding and commmunication.

How can I work remotely from my clients?

You can set up clients with a React2 login that gives them access to their exercises on any online device. They can also move between devices as required. You can monitor every response they make by logging in on any online device yourself.

How much control do I have over what my client is doing?

With React2Pro you have complete control as you can specify the exact exercises and level of difficulty for your client. You can also allow them to browse other exercises outwith their prescribed exercise sets if you wish.

What are the outcome measurements?

ReactPro has a comprehensive results monitoring and analysis module. From here you can save off progress as a PDF to store on a secure drive, or print graphs and scores directly from the site.

When can I access React2?

Any time of day or night. Your clients can also practise their exercises at a time of day that suits them when their energy levels are best.

Where can I access React2?

On any browser connected to a WiFi or 4G data connection. No installation is required. You and your clients can use any device (PC, Mac, iPad, Android Tablet) and even login on different devices as required. All progress is available on any device.

I already have an old React2 CDROM licence - why should I upgrade?

The new React2Pro is a huge improvement on the legacy CDROM version. Newly designed interface, with new exercise content, massive improvements to the results and outcome measurements. No installation is required so you can move between machines at will.

Also, you can set and monitor client progress from any computer - extending your reach and freeing up your time. All this means more frequent and intensive therapy is available to your clients - at a time that suits them, day or night!

Can I get a demo of the professional version?

Certainly - just get in touch and we can arrange a remote walk through of the key features. You just need a phone and an online device with a browser. We’ll give you a guided tour!

Who I get in touch with to find out more?

Complete our form, email us at, or call us on 01721 722231 (9:00am - 6:00pm UK Time).