Cwm Taf case study

In 2014 Cwm Taf SLTs evaluated with 20 clients with concurrent access to the service with 3 SLT/administration logins. Patient records could be archived within the system and new patients added in up to the 20 patient ceiling. A total of 29 patients therefore benefited from additional therapy during the evaluation.

The React2 reporting analysis tool allowed Cwm Taf to keep track of the effectiveness and efficiencies of this Cloud based therapy tool. During the case study period, the reporting system logged a total of 252 hours of React2 therapy had been delivered. This equates to 31.5 full days of therapy delivered (based on a full 8 hour day).

Given each standard SLT face-to-face therapy sessions is estimated to cost £32.20 to deliver (including travel costs) - this amount of therapy would normally have cost Cwm Taf £8,114 to deliver face-to-face. allowed the amount of home visits required to be reduced where appropriate, freeing up therapist time to focus on more clinical assessments and face-to-face therapy whilst extending their reach to more concurrent patients.

With the React2 license priced broken down to £20.83/patient for this three month trial block of therapy, and therapist time and travel costs reduced to £4,057, the React2 enhanced service was therefore proven to offer efficiency savings of around 45%.

The Cwm Taf experience shows that React2 is a lower cost method of delivering ongoing SLT exercises at home. It also at the same time frees up SLTs to focus on clinical assessments and high quality face-to-face clinical sessions

There is the potential for the React2 service to reduce the cost of additional therapy/hour even further as clients can continue to practice exercises at home at any time of day, including during holidays.

Based on these findings, Cwm Taf HB took a React2 Professional team license that started in January 2015.