Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of questions users commonly have. If you can’t find the answer to your question - contact us.

What is React2Home?

React2Home is an online Cloud-based software as a service that provides the widest range of computer based speech and language therapy interactive exercises.

Who are React2 exercises for?

React2 is for people of all ages who have problems with their understanding and communication. This includes people who have:

  • Aphasia after stroke or brain injury
  • Communication issues
  • Learning & language difficulties
  • Autism
  • Down’s syndrome
  • Dementia

Who created React2?

React2 was designed in the UK by a team of qualified and experienced NHS professional speech and language therapists, with help from a top team of highly skilled IT specialists.

Can I try React2 before I buy?

Yes, set up a free 30 day trial. This gives you access to all the React2 exercises to try. We have found that this gives you a great opportunity to find out how well React2 works and to determine the best licence for your needs.

How will React2 benefit me or my loved one?

Many thousands of users have found that React2 helps to improve or regain their understanding of the world around them, their language skills, numeracy, Telling the time, understanding money, improves memory and reading abilities. There’s so much in React2 and it is carefully graded. There really is a level for everyone to get a benefit from the exercises.

Can I get React2 from the NHS?

Your local NHS speech and language therapy service might have a React2Pro licence. If you are referred into their service you might be eligible to receive a React2 login from them. Please check with your local NHS speech and language therapy team.

Do I need to be receiving therapy from a professional Speech & Language Therapist to use React2?

We always recommend that you get a professional assessment form a speech and language therapist (SLT). This can either be through the NHS or through one of the many independent speech and language therapists throughout the UK. If your therapist has a React2Pro licence they can administer and prescribe exercises for you at thome.

However, if you are not working with a speech and language therapist you can sign up for a React2Home subscription. This gives you all the exercises available in the Pro version.

Do I need a special computer or device to use React2 exercises?

No special equipment is required. React2 works perfectly on any standard computer or tablet that is connected to the Internet with a recent browser:

  • Windows PC or laptop (Windows 7 or higher Google Chrome or Firefox browser recommended)
  • Macintosh desktop computer or laptop (Safari or Google Chrome browser)
  • Apple iPad (Safari browser or My React2 iOS app)
  • Android Tablet (Chrome browser)
  • You might require headphones or external speakers, and we recommend a screen large enough for your visual needs.

How often and for how long should I be using React2?

This very much depends upon your individual needs. Some people need to keep using React2 for many years, others for just a few months. Speech and language therapists often recommend frequent exercise practise for best results. Perhaps two or three sessions a day if possible depending on your needs. The more practise the better.

In what other ways can React2 exercises help me?

Many users report that the speech and language therapy interactive exercises in React2 has beneficial effects on the ability to form speech and utterances, increases motivation, creates self esteem and provides a focussed targeted set of tasks to perform on a daily basis.

How do I keep track of progress in React2?

ReactHome has a great new results analysis module. This allows you to precisely track your progress over time with colourful charts that visually keep you motivated to improve.

Can I only use one device to access my React2 exercises?

React2 is available on any device connected to the Internet. You simply login to a web browser with your username and password. This means you can move between devices if you wish, so if you have a laptop, a PC and a tablet you can swap between them as often as you like and all your progress and results are stored safely for you on our React2Cloud server.

Am I tied into a React2 contract?

No, you can opt for the React2Home Pay Monthly subscription with no contract. You can cancel any time and no further payments will be taken from your card - your login just times-out at the end of the month you have paid for.

However, if you find how invaluable React2Home can be with continued use, we have yearly React2Home Annual Saver subscription that you pay up-front for to get a great discounted rate.

How do I sign up for a React2 Licence?

You can buy a React2Home subscription right now online. Just choose the subscription option that is best for you and have your payment card ready.

Who I get in touch with to find out more?

Email us at, or call us on 01721 722231 (9:00am - 6:00pm UK Time)