About Us

About Us


was devised and created by a team of professional speech therapists and IT experts who combined their medical experience and software development skills.

Because React2 was created by such a diverse team, it addresses the real life challenges facing people with aphasia due to a stroke or head injury. That's why it allows users to work at their own pace and in their own time – there's no pressure to fit things into an appointment slot or work during office hours, for example.

Our vision is simple...

To use our expertise to create an interactive online tool that works for both healthcare professionals and home users. Because React2 has over 8,000 exercises to choose from it can be used by patients at all levels and a tailored programme of activities can be devised by any professionals the user is working with, to suit their precise needs.

React2 is a new way of working for patients and professionals alike. It fills the gaps between appointments, builds on progress made previously and enables families to work with their loved ones independently should professional one-to-one help be unavailable.

From our personal and professional experiences...

We know that professionally designed exercises can help make a real difference to people's lives. That's why we ensure that our offering is tried and tested - and why we take onboard any feedback we get from users. We want React2 to work for you – that's why we work hard to make sure it meets your needs, whether you're a patient or a speech therapy professional.

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react2.com online speech therapy software has been of benefit to adults and children with speech learning difficulties. This may be as a result of aphasia after stroke, brain injury or head trauma or autism - whatever the reason, we have seen the positive transformation our speech therapy activities have made on many people's lives.

If you have a question regarding your specific speech therapy issue, or to arrange a full clinical evaluation of react2.com, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below. We look forward to being of help.