What your practioner says

What your practioner says

...An extremely user-friendly piece of therapeutic software

"In our department, we have been using React2 for several years now. Having used it successfully, we were pleased to be able to purchase React2.com last year. We have found this to be an extremely user-friendly piece of therapeutic software for adults with language processing deficits. It covers a broad range of language domains and provides varying levels of difficulty to suit the widest range of patients."

"We are using React2 with young adults in our ALD colleges in a variety of ways to promote discussion and collaborative work through to guided tutorials with our teacing assistants."

"I have found it useful both for patients with pure aphasia and those with problems of language and cognition, subsequent to traumatic or other forms of brain injury. Patients themselves have responded very positively to the package, appreciating the range of stimuli it offers. I find it a real boon in terms of therapy preparation time – I know that it will provide exercises ideally suited to my patient without having to sit and prepare paper and pencil exercises."

...A refreshing alternative for both therapist and patient.

"Though such exercises will always be an important part of therapy provision, React 2 provides a refreshing alternative for both therapist and patient."

"We have found React2 to provide useful adjuncts to therapy with over 2,000 children throughout our mainstream schools across the city. It provides a large pool of extra resources for patients who need repeated practice to achieve speech and language goals."

"The children see react2 as a reward and look forward to their sessions, although I have set up the exercises to push and challenge them to reach the next level."

...Increase the frequency and intensity of speech and language therapy

"React2 allows patients to increase the frequency and intensity of speech and language therapy exercises in the comfort of their own home. They can do exercises at a time that suits them, or when their attention and energy levels are at their highest."

"React2 is a cost effective way for my clients to extend the amount of therapy they are able to receive for a longer period of time."

"The team at React2 are consistently helpful and accessible. From selection of the right license, to setup and after-sales care, their approach has been friendly and totally reliable, and I would not hesitate to purchase from them again."

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react2.com online speech therapy software has been of benefit to adults and children with speech learning difficulties. This may be as a result of aphasia after stroke, brain injury or head trauma or autism - whatever the reason, we have seen the positive transformation our speech therapy activities have made on many people's lives.

If you have a question regarding your specific speech therapy issue, or to arrange a full clinical evaluation of react2.com, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below. We look forward to being of help.