Technical reasons to choose is an online, interactive speech and language therapy tool for use by Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) and their clients suffering from aphasia and language difficulties. This cloud-based solution provides numerous time- and cost-saving benefits over offline, installed tools, as well as built-in security features designed to keep sensitive patient data safe, secure and in your control.

  • is 100% web-based – no software installations required.
  • can be used on any computer or mobile device with a browser, with no specialist hardware or software to install.±
  • No updates required - is always the most up to date version.
  • On demand, self-service by users - is available to SLTs and their clients as it is needed, without intervention by internal IT.
  • Greater mobility - SLTs can be productive from any location, use their own mobile devices to work with their clients remotely and provide more extensive, cost-effective therapy support.
  • Security assured - unique log-ins and an anonymous database mean client details are secure. No patient identifiable data is stored on the system – this data will never leave the health service secure network. And because it’s internet-based, sensitive client data is not stored on the SLT’s device.
  • All data is automatically backed up in the Cloud.
  • Reduced costs - flexible, subscription based payment terms are coupled with a reduced need for on site technical support and ongoing software maintenance.
  • Extensive online technical support 24/7 for SLTs, trackable email ticketing system and priority telephone support.
  • Enhanced transparency of usage - super user administrative controls and extensive reporting modules provide insights analysis by management.

± can be used on any computer or netbook with an internet connection, PC or Mac. will also run on an iPad (or iPhone), provided you download and use a Flash-compatible internet browser App such as Puffin. You can download a free Puffin trial or purchase the full Puffin App for just £1.99 from the iTunes store. exercises will run on all Android devices in the browser (up to and including v4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich). For Android v4.1 Jellybean and later you simply need to use a Flash-compatible internet browser App such as Puffin. You can download a free puffin trial or purchase the full Puffin browser App for just £1.93 from the Google Play store.

If SLTs or their clients do not have internet access, it is possible to purchase CD-based versions of react2 - each clinical pricing package contains a mixture of online and CD-based programmes for just such a situation. For further information, refer to the pricing section of the website.

For further information and enquiries regarding online speech and language therapy software for those suffering from aphasia or speech difficulties as a result of a stroke or brain injury, please contact us today. online speech therapy software for use by clinicians and patients with aphasia and requiring support and treatment for dealing with stroke recovery.

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