The React2 Story so far...

The online version of React2 was launched at The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists’ Conference in 2012, the culmination of many years development. There are already over 1,200 offline clinical licenses in use installed or on React2 USB drives.

An innovative approach to speech and language therapy

React2 exercises put the patient in control. Because React2 is online and interactive it can be used at a time and pace that works for the patient.

The React2 Developers...

Tricia Mitchell LCST, Cert MRCSLT, Reg. HPC, had the original idea for 'React' and worked with propeller.net to develop the product. In conjunction with her colleagues, she also wrote the content for all versions. Tricia was with NHS Borders for 39 years, working predominantly with adults and specialising in aphasia, before becoming Manager of NHS Borders' SLT service. Since retiring from the NHS in 2011, she has been working as a clinical consultant with Propeller. Tricia is now clinical director of React2 Ltd.

The story of React2 starts in 2005, when NHS Borders collaborated with Dean Turnbull MSc,PGDip, BA(Hons) to develop a hugely extended interactive product that would help people experiencing problems with speech as the result of a stroke, aphasia or dementia.

The ongoing mission

Several years of research, development and trials followed as the team honed the product and explored ways to migrate the content online. By 2011 react2.com was being successfully trialled. In September 2012 it went live.

The story doesn’t end here, however, React2 is a live development project, and we’re constantly looking at ways to make it even better – that’s why we’re always pleased to have feedback.

We’re constantly exploring how we can make things even more user-friendly, researching new ideas and adding new content. And because it’s an online programme, as soon as they’re ready to go, these changes can be made available instantly.

We know that react2.com can’t change what’s happened to you or a loved one – but we hope it can help change your lives for the better by helping you move along the road to learning or recovery.

Get in Touch

react2.com online speech therapy software has been of benefit to adults and children with speech learning difficulties. This may be as a result of aphasia after stroke, brain injury or head trauma or autism - whatever the reason, we have seen the positive transformation our speech therapy activities have made on many people's lives.

If you have a question regarding your specific speech therapy issue, or to arrange a full clinical evaluation of react2.com, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below. We look forward to being of help.