Aphasia / Stroke Consultants

Online Interactive Speech and Language Therapy

Asphasia / Stroke Consultants

A cloud-based tool for use by Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) and their clients throughout the UK. This cloud-based solution provides numerous time- and cost-saving benefits over offline, installed tools, as well as built-in security features designed to keep sensitive patient data safe, secure and in your control. Whether a patient is situated in London or Birmingham, this online speech therapy resource enables a speech therapist to set exercises and review their patients progress from anywhere in the UK.

react2.com provides an extended speech and language therapy service in a cost effective way with flexible, subscription based payment terms.

The react2.com service is accountable through revenue rather than capital expenditure. This is VAT deductible and delivers balance sheet capital charge savings.

react2.com has top quality credentials. Professional NHS clinicians designed the 9,000+ comprehensive exercises. The service is managed and provided by the leading developer and marketer of SLT therapy software, React2 Limited.

Greater accessibility and productivity. With react2.com, a speech therapist can be productive from any location and can even use their own mobile devices or clients’ computers to work with their clients. The ability to set and assign client exercises remotely also means that more intensive therapy can be provided between face-to-face therapy sessions.

Greener community therapy. The remote accessibility of react2.com can help reduce the carbon footprint of your community therapy services through reduced mileage, fuel costs and travel time.

react2.com saves valuable health service IT administration resources. It is 100% web-based therefore no software installations are required. The service does not require intervention from IT management.

Increased flexibility of use. react2.com can be used on any computer or mobile device with a browser*, with no specialist hardware or software to install.

No sunk costs into computer software and no update costs. react2.com is always the most up to date version for the whole term of the license.

All personal data is secure. react2.com is compliant with current health service security policies. With unique log-ins and an anonymous database, all client details are secure.

No patient identifiable data is stored on the system. This data will never leave the health service secure network. And because it’s internet-based, sensitive client data is not stored on any individual speech therapist device.

No additional support costs. Extensive online technical support 24/7 for speech and language therapists, trackable email ticketing system and priority telephone support are all-inclusive within the react2.com system.

Enhanced transparency of usage. The react2.com super-user administrative controls and extensive reporting modules provide organization level insight and analysis by management. This will ensure easy reporting demonstrating value for money.

If a speech therapist or their clients do not have internet access, it is possible to purchase CD-based versions of react2 - each clinical pricing package contains a mixture of online and CD-based programmes for just such a situation. For further information, refer to the pricing section of the react2.com website.

For further information regarding the use of and benefits to speech and language therapists using our online speech therapy software, please contact us.