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who's using react2.com?


Don’t just take our word for it, find out how real users - professional clinicians, home users, teachers and carers - are benefiting from regular speech therapy activities using react2.com.


Whether it is Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff or Belfast, react2.com users are seeing the rewards and benefits of our online speech therapy exercises throughout the UK.

Testimonial from a brain injury carer
Susie Thomson, whose husband David had a brain injury in 2004

"I think react2.com is so useful across a range of people with speech and language difficulties - children, adults, people with strokes, head injuries - there is so much within the program that it can help and support the development and learning in a number of areas."

Speech and language therapist Fiona MacFarlane highlights the benefits of react2 for her clients.
Fiona MacFarlane, Speech & Language Therapist

“The main impact for my clients is that it allows them to monitor their own progress with how speech therapy is coming along because they can actually see in the results section how they are doing, so it is very clear to them. react2.com does benefit patients in terms of their mood and their motivation. It motivates the patients and lifts their mood which obviously has a knock on effect for the carers and lifts them because their spouse is making progress.”

Valerie, a special needs teacher, talks about how react2 speech and language therapy helps her pupils
Valerie Henry, a teacher in a high school additional needs department

“I work with children with additional needs and they have complex and severe learning difficulties. I find react2.com fantastic because it provides lots of resources which means that I don’t have to create the resources myself - it’s all on tap on the computer and saves me from having to produce lots of worksheets, which I would normally have done in the past.”

Speech and language therapist Meriah talks about the benefits of speech therapy for her clients.
Meriah Kohn, Speech & Language Therapist

“react2 works really well for me and my clients, because it builds really gradually through different levels. A person can work through the levels on the same activity so they can go from being at a low level of understanding and gradually build up, increasing their skills. The speech therapy activities get gradually more complex which works well for people with Learning Disabilities.”

Fiona MacFarlane
Fiona MacFarlane, Speech & Language Therapist

“I think that react2.com is really beneficial because it allows me, almost on a daily basis, to look at what the client is doing at home, to view the results and then to set more tasks for them - because once a week therapy just isn’t enough, but that unfortunately is what we are able to offer them. With react2.com I can monitor things from the office and see how they are doing and set more tasks for them, so it is very beneficial.


I think react2.com is brilliant actually! My favourite feature would probably be the fact that yo...

Meriah Kohn
Meriah Kohn, Speech & Language Therapist

“Some of my clients are using the visual processing and the auditory processing modules to learn basic skills of matching items to their names and having to concentrate and listen to activities. A lot of my clients initially have short attention spans, so focusing on an activity and sitting for that period of time helps to build up their attention spans as well. As the speech and language activities are on the computer they are more likely to sit for longer periods than they would if you were doing a traditional worksheet or other therapy activity....