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reasons to upgrade to react2.com



The most comprehensive suite of speech and language therapy exercises


... are now online.



As an existing user of the CD-ROM or USB versions of React2, you and your clients are already benefiting from the broad range of clinically designed, graded exercises covering auditory processing, visual processing, semantics, memory/sequencing and life skills. This widely used software tool complements and extends traditional therapy with more intensive computer-based therapy.


All new react2.com now brings React2 to the internet, with all 8,000+ exercises and cost- effective and timesaving additional new functionality, that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.



Top reasons why clinicians are moving up to react2.com


  • react2.com is internet-based, so there is no complicated installation or need for IT support - all that’s required is a computer or mobile device such as an iPad* with an internet connection - and because it’s all online, you’re guaranteed to always be using the very latest version.


  • react2.com is a secure, cost-effective, online resource with a registration and log in system that allows multiple SLTs to use the same multi-user license with different users. The anonymous client database also means that patient confidentiality is preserved.


  • react2.com complements and extends clinician/client time with the ability to set, revise and review customized client exercise plans remotely, enabling you to provide more intensive therapy, work more efficiently and maximize valuable 1:1 therapy time.


  • react2.com enables you to review and analyse your clients’ activity and progress remotely, so you can assign a recommended length of intervention and monitor the activity in between therapy sessions.


  • With react2.com, you have complete control over a client’s exercise plan: you can allow a client to repeat templates of exercises until their performance has improved at a certain level; enable clients to browse and select any exercise, or restrict them to the assigned exercises.


  • Save time by setting up and saving templates of exercises for different clients, or create generic templates of different types of exercises. Templates can be modified to add or remove exercises, saved as a new template and remotely assigned to clients so they can easily get started next time they log in to react2.com.


  • react2.com provides a flexible, transportable speech therapy solution for use at home or on the move, with bold and clear full size graphics that resize automatically to fit any monitor resolution (see technical specification for further system requirements).


  • The react2.com Results Analysis Module provides measurable and trackable patient improvement through detailed statistical feedback and standardized reports. Results can be presented as graphs, automatically saved as PDF and printed out.



* react2.com can be used on any computer or netbook with an internet connection, PC or Mac. react2.com will also run on an iPad (or iPhone), provided you download and use a Flash-compatible internet browser App such as Puffin. You can download a free Puffin trial or purchase the full Puffin App for just £1.99 from the iTunes store. 


react2.com exercises will run on all Android devices in the browser (up to and including v4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich). For Android v4.1 Jellybean and later you simply need to use a Flash-compatible internet browser App such as Puffin. You can download a free puffin trial or purchase the full Puffin browser App for just £1.93 from the Google Play store. 


If SLTs or their clients do not have internet access, it is possible to purchase CD-based versions of react2 - each clinical pricing package contains a mixture of online and CD-based programmes for just such a situation. For further information, refer to the pricing section of the react2.com website.


Click on the pdf link below to download a printable version of this document.